Corporate Vision, Mission & Values


To be a leading diversified mining group in Southeast Asia


We strive for excellence by:

  1. Growing our core businesses strategically, profitably and responsibly to optimise our stakeholder value
  2. Being responsive to business opportunities and industry changing trends as well as innovation and the adoption of new technology to achieve competitive advantage
  3. Being committed to creating sustainable growth through responsible mining
  4. Being strongly committed to regulatory compliance
  5. Adhering to high standards of business ethics, corporate governance and corporate responsibility


Our corporate values are as follows:

  1. Commitment
    We are committed to delivering results and promises we make to stakeholders, employees and customers.

  2. Agility
    We are positioned to embrace market changes and business opportunities, and are ready to implement strategies quickly.

  3. Responsibility
    As a responsible corporate citizen, we strive to ensure high standards of governance in managing our business.

  4. Integrity
    We exhibit honesty and remain truthful in all aspects of our business conduct.

  5. Sustainability
    We integrate social, environmental, and economic concerns into our business which underpin corporate sustainability.