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  • December 11, 2017
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Merger of NAMI Corp. and GMCI Corp. to Capture Bigger Market in US OTC

NAMI Corp. & GMCI Corp. have agreed to form a merger and have successfully commenced a merger signing ceremony on 11th December 2017. This is a merger of two highly compatible firms. Both NAMI Corp. and GMCI Corp. are joining synergies together to form a stronger team player in the US OTC market. With the combination of resources from both companies, it creates great synergy with an intention to capture a bigger market share in the OTC platform.

The merger comprises an initial agreed term on the share exchange ratio of one (1) unit of NAMI Corp. share for one (1) existing GMCI Corp. share held. The fundamental of the merger is to improve the shareholders wealth, higher than that of two individual firm's wealth.

The newly entity upon completion of the merger will see a boost in greater leadership from Chairman of NAMI Corp., Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Ong Tee Keat, who has a vast experience in business and politics as well as from founder and chairman of GMCI Corp. Mr. Lok Khing Meng, who has years of business experience in the mining industry. The core future up listing business will remain the same as the new group will be focusing on the mining industry, despite of other future businesses that will be injected in upon completion of the merger and will be soon announced accordingly.

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