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  • July 1, 2018
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Sea sand mining: NAMI Corp.’s core business

NAMI Corp. will venture into sea sand mining via SBS Mining Corporation Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. whereby it obtained approval of a total area 383 km² sand reserve located in the coastline of Peninsular Malaysia.

A preliminary survey, known as field work, part of a process for generation of Environmental Impact Assessment (“EIA”) report, was conducted on a 20 km² of the subject mining area. The initial study reveals that the mineable location acquired by NAMI Corp. is of high quality whereby stockpiles are healthy and can be mined in meeting strict requirements set by regulators for preservation of ecology and habitat of subject area. The following depicts the general milestones of NAMI Corp.’s mining core business:

EIA Progress Report on 20 km² Subject Mining Area

Sea sand must be mined and dredged responsibly. Hence, a socioeconomic study must be carried out to assess the impact towards the livelihood of the habitats and ecosystems surrounding the area. This is integral to meet the policy and legal requirements set by various acts and regulations.

NAMI Corp. has conducted data collection (field work) as part of its completion of an EIA report. As mentioned earlier, a full EIA report is required before a concession grant can be given. The initial finding reveals that the subject area yields mineable sea sand and higher quantity and quality than prior expectation.

Data collection was performed on specific area and coordinates. A series of equipment and techniques was used to perform them such as multi-beam bathymetry, seismic survey, hydraulic modelling and geotechnical soil investigation.

The samples taken from the sea beds reveal an interesting finding: The coarse sand uncovered are estimated 70% above the saleable requirement of 51%. This means that the sand content is substantially higher than the imposed requirement, which will give a better yield.

It is a requirement in Malaysia that at least, a depth of 2 meters of sand is allowed to be dredged. From the surveyed 20 km² subject map pictured, the highlighted yellow, red and purple colours from the map depicts depth of sand of more than 2 meters. NAMI Corp.’s consultant has found a huge stockpile of at least 40-million-meter cube of sands in this subject area of 20 km².

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