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  • April 28, 2018
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Corporate Conference 2018

On 28th April 2018, NAMI Corp.’s first major corporate conference created great impact by delivering one important key message to its audience:

Delivering significant progress and uniting for successful listing of NAMI Corp. on Nasdaq.

The corporate conference was attended by more than 700 participants from the Asian region, consisting of astute stakeholders of NAMI Corp. The conference paved significant milestones for NAMI Corp. as indicated below.

  • Unveiling its core businesses comprising sea sand mining and granite mining, among other businesses, together with an outline of detailed progress & milestone for each business.
  • Appointment of a U.S.-based corporate and securities law firm for our corporate exercise.

The audience was first presented with a 5-minute official teaser video of NAMI Corp.’s core businesses as well as other project ventures. With a glimpse of the overall company’s direction, the audience from across the world awaited with bated breath and anticipation on what will be presented in detail to witness what NAMI Corp. has in store.

The event began with an applause to welcome NAMI Corp.’s Chairman, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Ong Tee Keat, on stage to deliver his welcoming address.

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Ong said NAMI Corp.’s management had worked tirelessly the past 12 months on several feasible projects to accelerate towards the commitment that was made since day one which is to have NAMI Corp. listed in the world’s best stock exchange in the U.S.

“WE MEAN BUSINESS.” – Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Ong on NAMI Corp.’s stance in protecting stakeholders’ interest.

Standing firm on the basic principles of accountability, transparency and integrity, NAMI Corp. is committed to its responsibility to meet, if not exceed, its stakeholders’ expectations. NAMI Corp. will always be prudent in delivering feasible and realistic returns to its stakeholders and never once promised fictitiously high returns that could erode stakeholder’s confidence.

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Ong urged all stakeholders to stay strong with NAMI Corp. to enjoy the fruits of labor when NAMI Corp. is listed on Nasdaq, targeted to be in year 2019.

Incoming NAMI Corp.’s CEO Calvin Chin continued to deliver key updates to the audience including NAMI Corp.’s business updates and its road map to Nasdaq.

| Business Updates

Chin began by informing the stakeholders on NAMI Corp.’s business scope, starting from mining as the core business to hospitality and tourism as prospective businesses. Each business progress and outcome were explained in detail to ensure that every stakeholder understood clearly the magnitude of NAMI Corp.’s progress on its business endeavours, and synchronise such endeavours with the road map to Nasdaq.

Chin, an accountant by profession, referred particularly to NAMI Corp.’s sea sand mining business and stressed on the prudence of accountants to base projections that are calculated at the least minimum (with confidence and knowledge of achieving more than it). Relating this specifically to the projected five-year revenue for sea sand mining and the current progress of the business; this core business is enough to provide a strong footing to meet the requirements of listing NAMI Corp. to Nasdaq.

He reiterated that the mining business would be a long-term business to ensure NAMI Corp.’s sustainability to serve the interest and confidence of stakeholders. After presenting every aspect of sea sand mining operations and business in detail, he wrapped up with one important milestone: The revenue generation for sea sand mining will commence in the third quarter of 2018 that will provide a strong application for submission towards the up listing of NAMI Corp. on Nasdaq.

Chin highlighted that NAMI Corp. has also undertaken to diversify its business portfolio, thereby consolidating NAMI Corp.’s business operations and activities to widen its revenue generation. This will further strengthen NAMI Corp.’s position and case for listing on Nasdaq. He also revealed granite mining as one of the business diversifications, backed by a ready land bank of 6.07 hectares with an initial estimated worth of more than 6.5 million tons of granite.

Chin said the security and protection service, particularly self-service and robotised security deposit boxes, under the brand NAMI Safe, would be a prospective business that will further add value to the company.

He added that NAMI Safe has already been made available in Straits Quay, Penang and Sibu, Sarawak. Besides that, another NAMI Corp.’s potential value-added business is Agartha World investment project, located at Bentong Eco Park, Pahang. Agartha World is an underground-themed tropical rainforest paradise and a tourist sanctuary.

| Roadmap to Nasdaq

Chin also briefed stakeholders on NAMI Corp.'s three-phases roadmap to Nasdaq. He said the first phase had been completed and NAMI Corp. is currently working with its appointed U.S.-based corporate and securities law firm to complete Phase 2. NAMI Corp. hopes that stakeholders could be present in New York for Phase 3 to ring the bell, signifying NAMI Corp.’s opening in Nasdaq. He closed his briefing to stakeholders by emphasising on the importance of being a valued stakeholder. A valued stakeholder invests first in the right company, followed by the right business and finally, invests in the right people.

| Appointment of U.S.-Based Corporate & Securities Law Firm

NAMI Corp. is proud to appoint Law Office of Yue & Associates as its corporate and securities law firm for their legal service and expertise in steering and leading NAMI Corp. to be up listed in Nasdaq.

With their wealth of experience and proven track record in representing clients in and out of the U.S. to access the U.S. capital market through corporate exercises and complex financial instruments, NAMI Corp. is in good hands to ensure that all necessary steps and precautions are identified and taken to fully comply with all possible strict rules and regulations in the rigorous path to Nasdaq capital market.

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